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Secondary Schools

How We Support Secondary Schools

For secondary schools, we offer a host of convenient solutions you won’t want to pass up.

While some schools are keen to see us become their on-site IT department, thanks to a member of our team being based on your premises full-time, other educational settings prefer a ‘pick and mix’ approach to IT services.

Let’s chat about how we can make your life easier by assigning a member of staff to your school from day one. Alternatively, we offer a handy takeover service, too, whereby your school has in-house staff that we can liaise with going forward. A fully-inclusive solution for you and your school, it removes the burden of training requirements, staff cover and, more importantly, high costs.

For schools with their own IT department, our higher-level consultancy and support service may be for you. Chat to us about how we can help with everything from IT strategy planning to IT systems and cyber security audits.

Your Point of Contact for All Things IT

Alongside our consultancy service, we also provide third line/advanced technical support to assist your in-house teams with any IT issues that come their way.

Giving you all the assurance you need that your IT needs are covered, we can also provide holiday and sickness cover, technology reviews and equipment audits – and we’ve been supporting secondary schools like yours since 1998.

Offering support to your existing workforce, ensuring they can confidently do their job with minimal distractions, we’re on hand to ensure a smooth and seamless service to all.

Broadband & VoIP

Make the most of our fully-managed broadband service, which covers all available technologies including:

  • ADSL
  • FTTC
  • EoFTTC
  • G.Fast
  • FTTP
  • Leased lines and 4G connectivity

With high bandwidth connections available – up to 10Gbs – we also offer managed firewalls.

Partnering with all the major carriers and providing flexible, cost-effective solutions which are tailored to you, our connections are backed with market-leading service level agreement response times (SLA), and we can also offer backup connections for critical applications.

Connections can be supplied unfiltered or protected with content filtering, making our service ideal for schools and putting safeguarding first. Work with us and you can benefit from friendly, helpful advice which cuts through the jargon and ensures a fit-for-purpose solution.

We also offer VoIP telephony systems and provide cloud-based phone systems, as well as a free-of- charge audit of your existing connectivity solutions.

Cloud Services

Certified partners for both Microsoft and Google, we offer both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, as well as Cloud migrations from existing, on-premises hardware. Reducing the need for expensive onsite hardware, our flexible, scalable services meet your requirements and timescales, with a seamless, remote working option available as well.

Online cloud backups are a priority of ours, too, ensuring critical on-site data is always automatically saved.


Enjoy competitive pricing on hardware procurement, alongside full support and guidance. Chat to us about procuring PCs, laptops and tablets, printers and consumables, and the set-up of servers and visitor management systems.

A wraparound installation service for the hardware we supply is also available, alongside competitive leasing solutions which allow vital IT purchases to be spread over several years.

Audio Visual Solutions

From LED and laser projectors, hall sound systems, meeting room solutions and interactive flat panels (IFPs), we also offer a host of audio-visual support services.

A BenQ advanced partner, our solutions come via a wealth of trusted major manufacturers, including Promethean, Epson, ViewSonic – and we can support you with digital signage, should you need it. A full installation service is also available, helping you get back to doing what you do best, thanks to the right technology solutions for you.

Networking & Wireless Systems

Talk to us about our networking infrastructure solutions, available across all major manufacturers. We design networks with ample resilience and capacity for the future, too, with a full network cabling service, including category 5 and 6, 6a and fibre optic.

Want to take advantage of our installation service? Our team of qualified engineers can visit your premises to complete the hard work on your behalf.

Providing efficient wireless networks, including enterprise-grade Ruckus systems which support the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, we’re on hand to manage your data on-site or via the Cloud. It’s a reliable service which brings you site-wide wireless access. Plus, you’ll get a free, no-obligation survey with our networking system service.

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